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Jordan Walters

While her roots are in Colorado, Jordan Walters is currently an undergraduate studying Microbiology at Mississippi State University. She started working in the Welch lab in 2021 as an undergraduate assistant, and she has grown into her own research. Her current focus is on the genetic structure of the endangered Turks and Caicos rock iguana population on Six Hills Cay, an island with a small, translocated population of iguanas.

  • Katelyn Provine

Undergraduate Alums

Stephanie Leedom, Summer REU Student 2018

David Herz, BS 2019

Wesley Dillard, BS 2018

Amelia Andersson, BS 2018
Alex Mazzola, BS 2018
Aumbriel Schwirian, BS 2017
Anna Jackson, BS 2017

Madison Buras, BS 2016

Amanda Benton, BS 2016

Madeline Cook, BS 2015

Melody Chimahusky, BS 2015

Faith Smith, BS 2015

Meaghan Kennedy, Summer REU Student 2015

Nicole Rivera Torres, BS 2016

L-R, Meaghan, Chathu, and Nicole at HURP 2015

B. Brook Bivens

Nandita Mahajan, BS 2013
Katharyn Downs, BS 2012
Tiffini Butler
Kelsie Brock, BS 2012
G. June Long (nee Johnson), BS 2010
Angela H. Getz (nee Matson), BS 2009

Anastasia Woodward, BS 2010

Savannah Duckworth, BS 2010

Andrew W. Jones, BS 2010

Elizabeth LeFors (nee Stepp), BS 2009

J.L. “Trey” Sylvester

Jessica Ehmann (nee McClure), BS 2008
Dominique Cooper

Arwakee Henley

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